Giveaway Official Rules

Dark Drake Designs Giveaway Official Rules

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. We (Dark Drake Designs) are giving away one (1) prize to one (1) lucky giveaway entrant. See the giveaway for the prize description. To enter the giveaway you must complete all required actions listed on the giveaway form. Completing optional actions is not required for entry but will increase your number of entries if completed. You may gain additional entries by performing other tasks listed on each perspective giveaway but only the required actions are necessary to be entered. If you do not complete the required actions listed on the form, then any optional actions listed on the form you perform for extra entries will be invaild. For each additional entry action provided on the entry form, if the entrant performs that action the specified number of extra entries will be entered for the entrant. Only open to entrants age 18+ who are legal US residents living in the 50 states or D.C. Any giveaway entry which does not comply with these rules will be null and void. Further, by entering this giveaway, you agree to not hold Dark Drake Designs LLC or any 3rd party company or application associated with or used by Dark Drake Designs LLC liable for any loss or damages which may arise from entering this giveaway.

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